Introducing Biologique Recherche

The long wait is over, February 2022 Loredana’s Beauty in Southlake partnered with the reputable Biologique Recherche! Providing lavish customizable facials for every occasion and a thrilling product selection! We are so excited to share this moment with you and can’t wait for you to experience the beautiful journey with BR.  #BuildingBetterSkin  Scheduling for BR services coming […]

Teen Acne Facial

It’s a myth that only teens suffer from breakouts, as any adult will attest! Still, it’s fair to say that pimples are synonymous with youth. Increased sebum production during puberty can cause congestion in the skin, which eventually erupts on the surface as confidence-crushing pimples. As we age, stress, environment, and other hormonal events can […]

The Benefits of TriaWave!

Breakthrough technology offering non-invasive, cutting-edge, results-driven treatments to dramatically enhance the appearance of skin concerns Why Use TriaWave: • Delivers the most advanced, individualized treatments tailored to your specific concerns about signs of aging• Facilitates optimal effectiveness of topically applied skin care formulations with no discomfort• Procedures provide 3 synergistic treatment modalities to reduce the […]